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Virtual International Balint Congress
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Cultivating Understanding and Compassion Through Balint
The International Balint Federation (IBF) is composed of 28 societies around the globe which represent varied cultures, historical backgrounds, languages and healthcare systems. While we celebrate our diversity, we acknowledge that we have much to learn from each other. Particularly when we face challenging times, it may help us to examine how Balint Groups work and what gets in their way.  We will examine the ways Balint promotes the cultivation of understanding and compassion in our varied settings and experiences. 

We are providing the virtual version of the Congress to include as many people as we can in the invigorating fellowship the International Balint Federation provides. Participating in the virtual version of the 23rd IBF Congress will cost much less than the full week in Boulder. It also provides an answer for those with questions about the health risks of travel and exposure to new environments. It will allow a schedule that leaves you with some work hours free each day, while awarding you as much continuing education credit as possible. Finally, it includes zoom ‘social hours’ you may attend as you wish to visit with your Balint colleagues.  

Balint groups and virtual social hours will be hosted at times that are broadly accessible in three regions: Australia/New Zealand and Southeast Asia; North and South America; Europe and the Middle East.

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